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Tom Porter has been making music for television and other media platforms for most of his adult life.  Whether he is recording some prepared piano for a zany new theme on Nathan Fillion’s “Castle”, or laying down vocals for a new song he wrote for Jamie Lee Curtis and her children’s books, Tom’s career is nothing if not diverse. 


He got his start mentoring under Emmy nominated composer Robert Duncan, where Tom ended up writing on multiple shows.  Since then he has delivered hours of music showcasing an extensive range.  Layering some haunting dulcimer textures for Steven Spielberg's, “The Whispers” or balancing pace and emotion with a Mandy Patinkin narrated IRC spot, Tom’s versatility as a composer is one of his biggest assets.

 Illustrating his scope in both comedy and drama, Tom’s music has been heard on other popular shows like, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”, “Lie to Me” and USA’s  “RUSH” as well as the military action drama, “Last Resort”.

Recently Tom's score for the film "Darling Darling, Wendy" won him Best Original Score at the Indie Short Fest and a nomination in the same category at FilmQuest this past year.  


Tom is affiliated with BMI and currently lives in Boston, MA with his husband and their ridiculously lazy dog, Boo.



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